A great look at what I consider to be the finest elephant facility in the world. The Center for Elephant Conservation and their dedicated staff with the help of Feld Entertainment do more for the preservation of Asian Elephants than any other facility in America.

The CEC is home to the Western Hemisphere’s largest and most genetically diverse herd of Asian Elephants. In addition to having the largest herd, they also have the largest population of bull elephants which helps provide a diverse gene pool for zoos  and other elephant facilities around the country.

It is no accident that this facility has had 26 births since its founding in 1995. This place is specifically designed to provide the absolute best of care for young elephants, adult elephants, and geriatric elephants. Each animal receives world class care from handlers with decades of experience, and veterinary and reproductive care from some of the most renown  elephant experts in the world.

With their large herd the CEC is uniquely positioned to conduct cutting edge reproductive and health research on their Asian Elephants in an effort to not only better care for them but hopefully ensure the survival of the species. The CEC and Feld Entertainment are also involved in significant in-situ conservation efforts in Sri Lanka. Funding is provided to help with projects to reduce human elephant conflict, conduct census work to determine elephant population levels, and supporting facilities that care for orphaned elephants.

I was so fortunate to get to work at the CEC  and get to learn elephant husbandry from the best in the industry. I have been to many many zoos and breeding facilities in my life and I can say with absolute confidence that there is no place as unique and special as the Center for Elephant Conservation.