Happy World Monkey Day!
Did you know that over half of the Worlds primates are faced with the threat of extinction? Habitat loss, disease, human conflict, and the bushmeat trade are all putting unprecedented pressure on the worlds primate populations. In celebration of #WorldMonkeyDay I am featuring the:

DeBrazza’s Guenon
The DeBrazza is an Old-World Primate and a member of the Guenon group of monkeys which is made up of very colorful medium sized primates. Did you know that the word Guenon originates from the French word for monkey? DeBrazza’s live in the forests and swamp lands of Central Africa. Although they are not yet endangered in the wild, their populations are very spread out and decentralized making it difficult to protect their habitats. The DeBrazza is currently recognized as an appendix II species by CITES.
Unfortunately DeBrazza’s are underrepresented in American zoological institutions. Although there are facilities working to help preserve this beautiful and unusual monkey through captive breeding programs. Pictured is an adult female DeBrazza that resides at our facility.