Animal Rights Indoctrination of America’s Children

Organizations like PETA have been trying to indoctrinate children to their radicle animal rights ideology for decades now. In the past they have made horrific coloring books depicting animal abuse, and have published terrifying books aimed at getting children to tell their parents they don’t want to eat meat, go to the zoo or circus.

PETA however has reached a new low, they are releasing their very first Playstation 4 video game where the player can take the fight for “animal liberation” into their own hands. Here is how PETA describes the game.

“In this role-playing adventure game, you’re a kitten who fights evil robots to liberate orcas from a marine-park prison and whisk sheep away from the “Sheep Puncher.”

The game even lets the players get to know the “personal stories” of each of the animals they are rescuing. This is of course the hight of anthropomorphism. What really concerns me is that not only does this game aim to brainwash the next generation but it  encourages criminal behavior. Lets not forget the past sins of organizations tied financially to PETA. It wasn’t to long ago that car bombings, robbery, vandalism, and “animal liberation” were the normal tactic for animal rights groups. They figured out that those tactics for the time being, aren’t very politically savvy so they have changed their form of terror to terrorize through threats of lawsuits and legislation to put hard-working people out of business.

In a society that has an ever-increasing problem with respect for the rule of law, a video game like this, encouraging criminal behavior to “save animals” could be disastrous.

I’m attaching the link below for a full description of the game straight from the horse’s mouth. Please tell your friends about this new tactic from these extremists and encourage them to protect their children from playing games like this. Children deserve to be able to visit zoos, marine parks and the circus. If this group has their way that will soon be a thing of the past.

—Gavin Livingston

Fight Evil Robots and Free Orcas in PETA’s New PlayStation Game